Club Rules and Indemnity


If you join a hERMANUS Cycling Club  ride you agree to the following rules:

  •  Helmets are compulsory for any ride.
  •  You are obliged to strictly adhere to all the traffic rules.
  •  To abide by the rules of the group leader of the day.
  •  MTB boards rules applicable on all farms.  “can be obtained from Euodia Adventures”



To join or take part in any club activity you unconditionally accept and agree to bind yourself to the terms and conditions set out hereunder.

  •  I acknowledge the risks and hazards, which exist in a venture of this nature.
  •  I am attending and/or participating in the CLUB EVENT entirely at my own risk.
  •  I am obliged to strictly adhere to all the applicable rules and directives of the owners and organisers of the CLUB EVENT including all  appointees assisting the organisers in respect of the CLUB EVENT.

I accept and agree that I, my estate, dependent(s) and those whom I represent shall not have any claim of whatsoever nature or kind against the Hermanus Cycling Club, Club Committee, the land owners or any of their employees ( hereinafter referred to as ENTITIES of any cost, loss, damage, injury, disability or death which may be incurred or suffered by myself, my estate and/or my dependent (s) arising directly or indirectly from my participation in the CLUB EVENT or any of the activities associated therewith or incidental thereto, use of facilities and/or amenities or by reason of defective material or equipment or by way of any human or mechanical error, default or failure or from any other cause whatsoever except upon proof that such cost, loss, damage, injury, disability or death was due to the sole negligence of ENTITIES in which event ENTITIES potential liability shall be limited to any claim which falls within the ambit of ENTITIES insurance policies and only to the extent that such claim is covered and settled by ENTITIES’ insurer(s); and

I agree to indemnify ENTITIES from and against all and any such claim(s) not covered or settled by ENTITIES insurer(s).

In order for you to enjoy our various trails on the Hemel en Aarde Valley MTB Route there are strict requirements that have to be adhered to in order to meet with our agreements with our farmers who have very kindly given us permission to establish, signpost and ride the routes on their property.


A specific board has been made for this purpose and is illustrated “illustration will be posted soon”

Do not ride on the trails unless you are in possession of a board otherwise you run the risk of being charged with trespassing (or worse!).

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